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Some of the joy things to do in black and white are high key and low key photography, contrast studies, and abstract nude imagery, in addition to making beautiful photographs of the nude model. Any lighting technology or composition you have for portraits or nudes, attempt it out in black and white sexyhalter.topted Reading Time: 8 mins. For those doing nude photography, here’s a elementary pose: Ask your model to face the camera, then cross one gam over the other and drape an arm over the top knee. If you’re after extra nude poses, attempt some variations; you can switch the mitt, gam, and head positioning for good results. Sitting with the back to camera. I didn't realize how real this was until I was in a high-stress (well, as high-stress as a DIY nude photo shoot can get) environment attempting to take a photo with my mouth in sexyhalter.topted Reading Time: 8 mins.

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