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Oct 23,  · Klay Thompson is incensed over his exclusion from NBA 75 team — his teammates love it Draping in Thompson's locker Saturday was a No. 77 practice . Oct 06,  · How allegations against Suns possessor Robert Sarver disrupted Draymond Green’s day off Kerr has said Poole has a green light, and through two preseason games, the 22 . Oct Nineteen,  · When the 2nd gig script asked for a nude shower scene, Chastain said Isaac has to drop trou too. "So for me, tho', I dreamed it to be balanced," she added. After being a #HotTopic at the table, @jes_chastain and Oscar Isaac join #TheView to discuss their roles in #ScenesFromAMarriage, why they reversed gender stereotypes in the series.

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