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Hard Ticket to Hawaii: Directed by Andy Sidaris. With Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, Harold Diamond. In Hawaii, an undercover DEA agent and her civilian friend stumble upon a drug trafficking operation, and have to enlist the help of all their colleagues/friends to . Hard Ticket To Hawaii actually proves even more tedious than its predecessor Malibu Express, with a weaker plot (hard to imagine such a thing is possible, but here it is) and less hookup (although, admittedly, still slew of nakedness from a bevy of hard-bodied babes); even the film's sillier scenes—a skateboarding assassin and his suck up hook-up. A group of drug smugglers shoot two trapped police officers who were running away after witnessing a part of their operation. A woman shoots a man in the face with a pistol and blood is on his face and forearms, another man is killed by a Frisbee with razor blades on it, and another one is disposed of by spiked brass knuckles, all displaying some blood.

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